About us

New Zealand Bed & Breakfast is NZ's foremost B&B guide, with nearly 1400 listings. Its popularity is not only a reflection of changing holiday trends but a response by New Zealanders to open their homes and share their experiences with travellers. New Zealand Bed & Breakfast is not just an accommodation guide it is an introduction to a uniquely New Zealand holiday experience.

Generous Hospitality

Most B&B accommodation is in private homes with a sprinkling of guesthouses and small hotels. All listings have been written by the hosts themselves and you will discover their warmth and personality through their writing.

Our Definition of Hospitality

Hospitality is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as 'the friendly and generous welcome of friends or strangers,' and it is this definition with the emphasis on friendliness and generosity that we have adopted. Hosts in The New Zealand B&B Book have the justified reputation of being generous with their time, energy and resources.